Brain Rules for Work

How do I keep people engaged during presentations? What can I do to my office so that I look forward to coming in on Monday? How can I improve the productivity of our team, department, organization or company? 

In Brain Rules for Work, developmental molecular biologist John Medina turns his expertise toward the business world, guiding us through what brain science and evolutionary biology have to say about topics ranging from office space design and work/life balance to the nature of power dynamics and work interactions in the time of COVID-19. 


Brain Rules for Work will help you discover:

  1. How nature uses breaks during the day to optimize productivity
  2. The surprising source of a leader’s charisma
  3. How planning a meeting beforehand makes it more effective 
  4. Why an open office plan isn’t a good office plan
  5. How a more diverse team enables a more potent team  
  6. What exactly about talking to coworkers online is so exhausting
  7. Why allowing for failure is vital to a company’s success
  8. How power can affect an executive who’s just been promoted
  9. That procrastination is born not of laziness but a desire to avoid negative feelings
  10. Which personality tests will help you find the right fit for the job (hint: it’s not the Myers-Briggs)
  11. How our work lives will continue to shift in a post-pandemic world

Dr. Medina has a rare talent for describing complex science in terms that resonate with us regular folk. The book is chock full of engaging anecdotes that help you connect the dots between the established science and practical applications you can turn right around and put to use in our daily work life. 

Whether you’re an employee on the way up, an entrepreneur or an executive hunting for ways to help your team succeed, Brain Rules for Work can help you understand how our brains have evolved to work the way they do, and the steps you can take to make that work as rewarding as possible for yourself and your colleagues.