Brain Rules for Work

How can I keep people engaged during my presentations? Why are video meetings so tiring? What can I do to my office so that I look forward to coming back to it on Monday? Scientists know. 

In Brain Rules for Work, Dr. John Medina, a molecular biologist keen on neural development, reveals what’s possible when the 9-to-5 is tailored to the brain like a glove is tailored to a hand. In his signature engaging style, the New York Times bestselling author of Brain Rules, Brain Rules for Baby, and Brain Rules for Aging Well simply unlocks the science of catering our modern-day work lives to the primal needs of the mind. 

Backed by research and without hubris, he reveals what behavioral and cognitive neuroscience have to say about topics from office space and work-life balance to power dynamics and pandemic-era work interactions. Medina’s charming descriptions and hilarious anecdotes break the science down to practical applications that you can put into practice next Monday to improve your work life and the work lives of those around you. 


You’ll learn:

  1. Why a more diverse team is a higher-performing team
  2. Why an open-concept office plan isn’t a good office plan
  3. How to make virtual meetings less exhausting 
  4. Why taking workday breaks in green space improves productivity
  5. Why allowing for failure is vital to a company’s success 
  6. How power intoxicates newly promoted executives—and what to do about it
  7. Why leaders who use a lot of empathy and a little toughness are effective
  8. Why companies that invest in workers with families see better returns
  9. The ingredients for changing bad habits (hint: it’s not just patience and willpower)
  10. And how to improve our work lives in a post-pandemic world

Whether you are an employee at a company looking to become successful or an executive who wants to ensure the success of your employees, Brain Rules for Work is both a useful tool and a compelling guide for you and your coworkers. 

Brain Rules for Work Chapter Summaries (download PDF)